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The need for liquidity cannot always be anticipated well in advance. It can happen to all of having to face a sudden and necessary expense, to which however the availability of the moment does not allow to face. Payday loans online direct lenders at website is the answer to this type of need.

Payday Loans Online Direct Lenders: A short form, instant decision

Image result for fast loansFor fast loans, in the context of personal loans, we mean a type of financial product that is paid in a short time. In practice, from the moment of the request to the issuance of the loan, little or very little time passes. It is not uncommon to find products such as personal loans in 24 hours that are often offered online. In the case of online, be careful to contact only known persons who are allowed to work in Italy for personal loans. To avoid any risk and be sure to turn to those who offer fast and secure personal loans, one possibility is to use a personal online loan comparator, which will only provide verified and absolutely safe products for the applicant.

The documents necessary for immediate loans

In order to access a fast personal loan, it is necessary to present the required documentation, which also in the case of online loans is not different from that required for a common personal loan. In particular, the financial institution requires the identity card and the tax code of the applicant and the residence permit for foreign citizens to be provided.

It is also necessary to present a paid user (such as a light bill, telephone or gas), payable to the applicant and one or two documents certifying the income, such as a pay slip, the pension slip or the last tax return for self-employed workers.
Especially in the case where the fast personal loan is online, it is recommended to have the documents in digitized format, in order to make it easier to send and then speed up the evaluation of the practice.

Who can apply for an immediate loan

Immediate loans can be theoretically requested by everyone. As for personal loans, even fast loans can access particular profiles of applicants, such as the protested or bad payers, for whom often banks and financial institutions offer fast dedicated loans.

Although fast loans are required by those who have immediate needs to receive funding, it is good to invest a minimum time in the comparison between them of the different types of fast loans available on the market, to be sure to choose the loan that is really the right.
In this sense, a very useful tool is an online loan comparator, a tool that allows you to know the products that correspond to your needs without the need to repeatedly enter the data required for the personal loan.

The advantage of fast online loans

Very advantageous in terms of time savings is the ability to turn to those who offer fast personal loans online. In this case, the whole practice is managed on the net, without the need for the applicant to move from home, not even for signing the documents. In fact, the entire loan application process is managed in such a way that the applicant can view the documentation to be signed directly from the PC or from their mobile device. The signing of documents also takes place digitally, using highly secure systems that are easy to use even for those who are not experts in information technology. The use of the network thus makes it possible to streamline and speed up the procedures for requesting the loan, thus allowing the applicant to obtain an answer in a very short time.

To ensure that the loan is actually disbursed in very short times (in some cases loans can be obtained in 24 hours), it is advisable that those who request the loan comply with all the requests of the loan. In particular, what we must pay attention to is the presentation of all the required documents; the absence of even just one of the documents could lengthen the evaluation time (and therefore the issue of the loan).

Even if you need a loan in a short time, it is good to be careful not to make some very common mistakes when applying for online loans. Here are the five most common, and how you can avoid them.

Loans without payroll compass

Bank loans without payroll: unsecured loans for unemployed persons

Image result for Loans without payroll compassThe Bank Loan Payout Loan is a particular type of loan that can be accessed by all people, even if they do not receive a salary, a pension or a demonstrable income.

To obtain the loan without bank paychecks the basic requirement is the presence of a guarantor, in fact for this loan there are no other forms of guarantees such as real estate. We can therefore state that you can get bank loans even if you do not have a paycheck, provided that the applicant has a guarantor with a good economic and financial situation.

How to apply for a bank loan without a paycheck

Making the bank loan application without paychecks is very simple, simply submitting the following documentation to the nearest branch:

  • valid identity document
  • tax code or regional health card
  • the last declaration of income (as anticipated, in case you do not have the paycheck you will have to present the income documents of a guarantor, or the one who in case of non-payment will worry about paying the debt)

Foreign citizens in order to obtain funding must provide a valid residence permit and must have resided in Italy for at least one year.

In fact, those who wish to apply for a bank loan must be resident in Italy and must be aged between 18 and 70 years.

Comprehensive quote for loans without paychecks or guarantees

By connecting to the bank website, the user can request a quote free of charge. bank with this service offers its customers the opportunity to simulate what could be the installment if you wanted to proceed with the loan request you want. Making the request for a quote does not imply the presentation of guarantees , in fact all those (even users not registered quini not customers bank) who want to simulate the calculation of the installment of their loan can do so without obligation.

Are you interested and would you like to receive a certain loan amount? Before you make an appointment at the insurance company branch, we recommend that you simulate the loan payment, doing it is very simple.

Connected to the bank website, you will find a tool at your disposal, where you will need to enter the following information:

  • the desired amount (attention must be between 5,000 and 20,000 euros)
  • the duration of the loan, or the number of monthly installments within which the loan is to be repaid.

After entering the two required data with a simple click you will instantly receive the amount of each installment and the interest rates Tan and Taeg applied at that time, the sum of these values ​​will also allow you to get the total cost of the loan .

Provision and repayment of the loan

Regarding the method of payment and the related timing, the bank insurance company is very quick, in fact in some cases they are able to pay the Loan by a check or bank transfer also on the same day. The customer can make a refund using the bank compatible bulletin at the Sisal receivers, at the authorized QuiPay points, at the Lottomatica points of sale, at the post offices, or else he can choose to make the payment by direct debit of the sum postal or bank account.

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Are you looking for small loans for your immediate needs?


Are you looking for small loans for your immediate needs? With this article updated in October 2018 , we can help you get more information about it and we will tell you how to access the financing you need through traditional banks or financial institutions (in the branch), or online. The small loans attention not to be mistaken by mingling with microloans , will allow you to get small amounts of money. In recent times the Small Loans are more in demand, for many reasons.

What are small loans?

The small loans are part of the category of non-finalized loans , which differently from those finalized the applicant, must not declare in any way the motivation of the financing. Even bureaucratically this type of loan is advantageous as requiring small amounts will not have difficulty accessing it, the process is very slim just send the required documentation to the institution that will provide funding, this procedure can also be done online so you can get very quick acceptance times of the practice. The documents to be forwarded are:

  • Identity document
  • Fiscal Code
  • Paycheck

Small loans: types and to whom it is addressed

The small amounts of liquidity that you could receive, you know a minimum of 1,000 up to a maximum of 10,000 euros . Below we will list the different types of loans that belong to the “small loans” category.

  • Revolving cards: the revolving cards are credit cards that allow you to pay the monthly expenses in many small months in the following months. This advantage is accessed without any particular guarantee, the disadvantage is that management costs and costs are not economically inexpensive.
  • Loan changed : this type of loan is very useful for applicants called bad payers , in fact this in the case of non-payment of installments allows the lender to proceed with the seizure of the debtor’s assets.
  • Assignment of the fifth salary : characterized by the charge of the installments directly on the paycheck, in fact the employer must perform this procedure respecting the limit granted or maximum 20% of the net salary.
  • as well as for employees who receive the payment of the installment in the payroll, the assignment of the fifth can also get pensioners, the only difference is that the charge will be made by INPS on the pension.

The shopkeepers / merchants have the possibility to request small amounts of money for various reasons such as for example to buy a house , a property, a television or any other item to use at their store or shopping center. In the situation described above it will not be disbursed the sum on the current account but the applicant will have the opportunity to defer the payment of the purchased product.

Up to what can you request?

In the same way we have different types of loans, according to the agency that grants the small loan we will have different amounts payable. For example, funding for finalized purchases or revolving cards, a maximum amount of 10,000 euros can often be obtained. Differently in the case of a loan through Inpdap the amount granted will vary according to the duration of the contract and the salary. For small annual loans, you will probably be asked to pay your salary or pension in the case of two-year loans for about two months, for three-year loans up to three months and for four-year loans up to four months’ salary or pay. retirement.


How to get a small loan?

Would you like to request and get a small personal loan quickly? The quickest and easiest procedure is to request online . On the web it is possible to compare several proposals at the same time, the comparator shows the most advantageous and suitable offer, so you can proceed. If your position is not listed among the bad payers or protested, it will be enough to send the requested documentation. Let’s see what we need together:

  • Identity card
  • Fiscal Code
  • Documents attesting the ability to repay the credit

To attest the repayment capacity, the applicant can show the paycheck and the CUD model . In the case of Inpdap loans, there is a somewhat different circumstance, in fact you must have precise requirements:

  • To be registered in the unitary management of credit and social services
  • Having made the payment of the institution’s contributions
  • Being aged between 18 and 70
  • Being resident on Italian territory .

Do you meet the above requirements? Then you can go to the INPS most convenient for you to request the necessary forms to request this type of financing. Usually the financing body requires as a guarantee:

  • the last 6 paychecks
  • the CUD model or the Single Model.

Small loans for protestors

Did you make late payments or did you not pay the installments? Do you therefore belong to the category of protestors or bad payers? If you have a paycheck, you have the possibility to request without any difficulty the assignment of the fifth salary . Otherwise you will need a guarantor. It is necessary to make a distinction between small and large loans , because if you need a minimum loan or less than 5 thousand euro it is more feasible to provide it in a short time, even without the signature of a guarantor.

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Loan for Sale of the Fifth Inpdap 2018: How It Works, Calculation and Rates

Transfer of the Fifth INPDAP

Sale of the fifth Inpdap

In this article we want to give you some information on the sale of the fifth INPDAP , information updated in September 2018.

The assignment of the fifth INPDAP is a type of loan dedicated to public, state and retired employees.

Since 2011, INPS has been managing not only the provision of loans to retirees and employees, but also that of the assignment of the fifth Inpdap.

How does the assignment of the fifth INPDAP in 2018 work?

The assignment of the fifth Inpdap ( former Inpdap loan ) is a non-finalized loan , ie it is not necessary to communicate the motivation of the loan application.

The repayment of the loan is regulated monthly, you can get an assignment of the fifth INPDAP that can vary from 24 to 120 months, the installment will be deducted directly from the applicant’s paycheck or from the pension.

The installment to guarantee the minimum survival, can not exceed one fifth of the monthly net value of the salary or pension.

The assignment of the Fifth INPDAP can be defined as a convenient loan because the applicant, will not have to remember to pay the installment monthly, in fact this process takes place automatically when the user receives the credit of the salary pension on the current account.

A special feature of this type of product is that it can also be requested by the user considered to be a protested and / or bad payer, this is a very important advantage.

How to calculate the installment

Image result for Sale of the Fifth InpdapLoans inpdap calculation: thanks to several sites you can calculate the transfer of the fifth online, this allows you to know the maximum installment that will be equal to one fifth of the salary or pension.

Calculation assignment of the fifth inpdap: Before proceeding with the calculation of the installment with the assignment of the fifth Inpdap it is necessary to have certain conditions:

  • the calculation is made on the net of the pension, deducting the tax and social security deductions
  • at net value, apply the di limit
  • keep the amount of the minimum pension , therefore applying the loan installment the pension value must not be lower than the established threshold.
  • if the applicant receives more pensions, the latter will be accumulated and the calculation of the installment will be made on the sum.

Examples of installment calculation (transferable quota)

gross pension 596.50
withholding taxes 0.00
net pension 596.50
minimum pension 502.39
transferable quota 94,11
* with safeguard of the minimum pension (€ 502.39 for the year 2015), lower in this case the amount of the fifth = 119.30


gross pension 1,200.00
withholding taxes 300.00
net pension 900.00
1/5 of the net 180.00
transferable quota 180.00
* with safeguard of the minimum pension (502.39 for the year 2015).

Who can request a fifth INPDAP assignment

To be able to make the request for transfer of the fifth Inpdap it is essential to satisfy some requirements :

  • belong to the category: state employees, public administrations, state bodies, civil servants and pensioners Inpdap
  • be aged between 18 and 64
  • be Italian citizens
  • the employees in force must have a minimum working age of 2 months
  • being part of the Unitary Management of credit and social services, this fund is used by the Inpdap to provide loans directly and also through authorized financial companies

Very often, there is a request from banks or financial companies that the employee applicant is in possession of a permanent contract .

In the event that the applicant should have a fixed-term contract, the total duration of the rate should not exceed the period specified in the employment contract.

How much money can be requested with the assignment of the fifth

In the fifth transfer loan INPDAP there is no maximum amount of liquidity that can be requested. In fact the amount of the sum that can be requested is variable and depends on the net of the pension or salary received and also on the duration to be requested.

Age limit and repayment plan

The legislation does not provide for any age limit . Surely there are situations where there are restrictions or even deny access to credit (for example on subjects aged 65 or over).

In the case of premature death of the client, thanks to the insurance coverage the family members and any heirs will be protected, in fact the insurance will cover the missing installments.

Regardless of the insurance coverage, the reference institution reserves the right to evaluate and possibly not accept the practice , because the insurance coverage could be high as well as the probability of premature death.

The repayment plan can be divided into two categories of installments:

  • 60 months
  • 120 months

Contrary to the convention, a payment in installments of 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108 and 120 months is envisaged.

Do you have other financing in progress? Such as the sale of the fifth or small inpdap loans? Contact an affiliated bank, so as to consider a renewal of the assignment of the fifth or possibly a second deduction eg. the delegation of payment.

Age limit 60 years for women and 65 for men Men and women within 85 years of age
Repayment plan 60 or 120 months 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120 months
Other Loans No Yes

Delivery times with the transfer of the fifth Inpdap

Assignment of the fifth inpdap rates: requesting financing through the transfer of the fifth Inpdap allows the applicant to obtain liquidity with certainly very advantageous interest rates .

Usually the waiting time to receive the loan is approximately approximately one work week after signing the contract. Only in the most complicated cases will it be necessary to wait even for 2 or 3 weeks to get the desired sum.

With the assignment of the fifth Inpdap, the times of loan disbursement may vary, in fact many factors influence, for example, the possible agreement between Inps or the financial chosen by the worker or the pensioner, as well as the various timing of the Inps offices.

Do you urgently need to get cash through a loan? We advise you to evaluate the solution of transfer of the fifth Inpdap in agreement.

Interest rates assignment of the fifth INPDAP

Below we will indicate the average rates applied by banks and financial institutions and also the corresponding usury threshold.

For retirees:

  • Age at the end of the loan: 18-65
  • Age on loan expiry: 65-80
  • Age at the end of the loan:> 80 years

For employees:

  • Interest rates for employees

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Personal Loans For Foreigners

Being a community citizen or non- EU citizen does not mean being automatically excluded from loans, although these seem to be dedicated, above all, to Italian citizens. We discover, with the help of this guide, how personal loans for foreigners work and what are the requirements to access them.

Loan for foreigners or general loan?

Let’s start from a consideration: being a non-EU citizen or community does not exclude the possibility of accessing a personal loan, not designed for a specific category of people (such as housewives , students , protested …). However some credit companies have studied specific products designed for citizens of foreign origin. Access to this type of financing is usually easier than a standard loan. However, even in personal loans for foreigners it is necessary that those applying for the loan meet certain criteria and be able to present all the required documents .

The documents and features required to obtain a loan

In some cases, obtaining a loan for a foreigner could be a little more difficult than a request made by an Italian. The motivation is however soon explained: the loan provider needs to carefully evaluate the profile of the applicant and this operation with Italian citizens is usually easier, as it is easier to reconstruct the personal financial history and go back to any difficulties with previous loans. This is why sometimes the personal characteristics required for obtaining a loan to foreign citizens are a little more binding.

However, it is good to clarify immediately how personal loans for foreigners are very different from one financial company to another, for this reason the comparison between products of different companies is the solution to identify the loan that best matches the characteristics sought.
Regarding the requests from the financial or bank that will provide the loan , the first step in making a personal loan is to present the required documents . First of all, you are asked to provide the identity documents (identity card and tax code) or, if necessary, the passport , in case the applicant is not yet in possession of the Italian documents.

Another fundamental document for requesting a loan for foreigners is a residence permit for non-EU citizens. In this case the duration of the permit itself could influence the duration of the loan granted, as personal loans are usually not provided for periods longer than those of the residence permit (but there are exceptions). Even the period of demonstrable stay in Italy is a fundamental element; usually loans are granted more easily to those who are able to demonstrate legally living in Italy for longer.

In order to establish the actual place of residence , sometimes the company that evaluates the loan request could ask for the presentation of a user (for example a telephone, gas or electricity bill) made out to the applicant and already paid at the time of presentation.

Work and personal loans: the importance of a contract

A separate discussion deserves the possession of an employment contract . In fact, the provision of a loan is in most cases related to the ability to demonstrate the perception of a stable income . However, this does not mean that those who are not in continuous employment or employed can not obtain financing; simply the conditions applied and the requests for the approval of the loan will be different (for example, in some cases the presence of a guarantor may be required, that is, a person who can take charge of repaying the loan if the person requesting it is not in degree).

Returning to the question of the contract, the possession of a permanent employment contract is a feature that usually facilitates the obtaining of a loan. However, usually even in the case of a fixed-term job, the granting of the loan is not excluded, but could be of equal duration compared to that of the contract. However, having a contract of a different type from the previous two or being in a different job condition (such as being self-employed ), are not at all situations that exclude the possibility of obtaining a personal loan. As already mentioned, even in the case of a personal loan for foreigners, the comparison between different products and between different companies that provide loans could be the solution to find a loan that really suits your needs.

Personal Loans For University Students

Among the personal loans dedicated to young people there is a specific type designed exclusively for students , university or less. Let’s see what this type of loan consists of, the amounts obtainable and for which purposes personal loans are designed.

Personal loans for students and university students: the requirements

There are many types of personal loans reserved for students; among these a specific sub-category is the one that sees the loans reserved for university students. Regardless of the type of loan or school attended, however, it is always required that the child is able to demonstrate the registration in order to the school itself.

There are no restrictions on the location of the school, provided that the student is able to demonstrate their regular presence on the national territory. In fact, personal loans for students can be requested for the most different reasons, including the possibility of attending a school located abroad .

Student loans are also aimed at foreign students attending in Italy. In this case, however, in addition to the scholastic documentation, it is necessary that the student proves to be able to stay in Italy, for example with the presentation of a residence permit or a study permit for non-EU citizens.

The characteristics of student loans

The main characteristic that distinguishes a personal loan for study purposes is usually the entity of the same. In fact, in most cases this type of loan has been designed to cope with expenses such as the purchase of study materials, textbooks or tuition fees . In this case the loan that can be requested does not exceed a few thousand euros, even if in the case of university masters the amount that can be requested can be much higher.

Since these are personal loans and not finalized loans, the motivation for the loan application itself is not binding, but only indicative for the expenses to be faced. The duration of the loan and the repayment period varies according to the product chosen; however, a characteristic common to student loans is usually the low amount of the installments provided for in the amortization plan , which consequently prolong the repayment period, especially in the case of high amounts.

This type of loan does not require very stringent guarantees , even if sometimes, especially for major loans, some form of guarantee may be required, such as the presence of a paycheck or a subject that lends itself as guarantor (typically one of the parents) .

Who to apply for a student loan?

Student loans are a type of financing that unites them to personal loans . For this reason they can be requested from financial or credit institutions that offer dedicated products.

However, in addition to these subjects, sometimes even the same universities or local authorities periodically present loans dedicated to students of every order, dedicated to university students or designed for those who want to attend a master’s degree or a specialization course in general.

In addition to considering this type of offers, it is important to carefully evaluate the loan landscape using an online comparator , the best tool to find the loan that best matches your needs, considering both traditional offers and online loans for students.

Personal Loans Without Envelope Pay

The demand for paychecks is one of the first steps that banks and financial institutions make for a personal loan . But what happens when the person requesting the loan does not have a paycheck? We analyze all the possible cases, considering the possibility of access to personal loans without a paycheck .

Personal loan without a paycheck, but with a demonstrable income

Image result for Loans without paychecksThe paycheck is the simplest way to demonstrate the perception of an income , but it is not the only one. In fact it is not said that those who are not in possession of a paycheck is not however a recipient of income. The most common case is given by self-employed workers and by VAT numbers in general. In this case there is no demonstrable income through a pay slip, but access to personal loans without a paycheck is subject to the possibility of proving the presence of an actual income . In the case of self-employed workers and VAT numbers, the financial or loan provider requires the submission of the last tax return . The number of required income documents could however be greater (for example two), above all for the activities started recently or for the lower incomes. In this case the provable income is equivalent in all respects to a pay check and the applicant can easily access personal loans dedicated to this specific category of people.

The particular case of pensioners

One could be induced to include pensioners among those who do not receive a paycheck. Even if this is true, it must however be considered that the perception of a pension allowance is in all respects a fixed income , which makes it possible to equate pensioners to a public or private employee. For this reason, as well as dedicated specific products, pensioners can also access the request for a personal loan with a paycheck, whose feasibility is evaluated in a manner that is not different from what happens to other subjects.

Personal loans without a paycheck in the absence of income

Unlike retired and self-employed, there are also categories of people who do not have a paycheck or other income. The most typical examples are those of the unemployed , young people , students or housewives . However, the absence of an income does not imply the automatic exclusion of personal loans from the market. In fact, payroll loans are also aimed at these groups of people, with loans specifically formulated for the specific categories to which a subject can be traced. Even in the absence of income there are different situations that can arise: we analyze what happens in the absence or in the presence of guarantees.

Personal loans without a paycheck but with guarantees

In the absence of a paycheck, the possibility of presenting guarantees in support of their personal loan application without a paycheck is considered very positive. The most widely accepted guarantee is the presence of a guarantor , ie a person who signs the loan together with the applicant, assuming responsibility in the event of impossibility of payment. In addition to the guarantor can be used as a guarantee of the applicant’s personal assets , such as real estate, but also movable property, such as life insurance or pension insurance that will be perceived in the future.

Personal loans without pay and without guarantees

However, when applying for personal loans without a paycheck, it is not always possible to provide an additional guarantee. This does not mean that the possibility of accessing loans without payroll is compromised. In fact, banks and financial institutions have created loans specifically designed for this eventuality, thus also granting those who do not hold a paycheck an opportunity to access credit.

An example of this type of personal loan is given by the changed loans (for specific details of this loan refer to the dedicated card on the site) or by the loans granted to the students or the unemployed, even in the absence of any type of guarantee .
Also significant is the presence of small personal loans, granted for small amounts and to which access is usually easier than larger loans.

Loans without paychecks: compare to choose the best

Regardless of whether there is a guarantee to protect the loan provider, it is always advisable to compare the largest number of personal loans, to find the loan that does not suit your needs. Very useful from this point of view is the possibility given by the online comparators , effective tools in the search for each type of personal loan, including online payroll loans.


Personal Loans Without Warranties, Guarantor, Paychecks: Online

Accessing a personal loan without an envelope and without guarantees could seem like an impossible undertaking. Let’s clarify right away that these two conditions together are not ideal for those looking for a personal loan: this does not mean that accessing a loan is impossible!

Personal loans without guarantee and paycheck

We have said that even those who are not employees and have no guarantees can theoretically access credit. Let’s find out what the requirements of most banks and the financial requirements for access to credit are. Once the absence of a paycheck and a guarantor who can take responsibility for repaying the loan in the event of non-payment has been identified, the financial institution or bank usually requires those who need a personal loan if other assets exist to protect them. the institution that issues the loan from any missed payments. In the absence of a paycheck or other guarantees, it is often possible to use a house or in general a property owned as collateral for the loan itself. This type of guarantee is however recommended only for large amounts of loans, as the risk connected to the loss of the asset is not always adequate to the benefit obtainable with a personal loan.

In addition to real estate, also movable property , such as the perception of a rent, a life insurance or a future pension, can be presented as a guarantee for obtaining loans without guarantees, even in the case of online personal loans. Some financial assets also accept valuable assets , such as works of art, jewelery or precious objects.

A last possibility for those seeking a personal loan without guarantee is given by the guaranty , ie the guarantee offered by a third party regarding the possibility of coping with the payment in case of problems in the repayment of the agreed installments by the applicant.

From what has been described up to here it is clear how the panorama of personal loans without guarantees and without a paycheck is rather varied; in fact there are many products on the market designed specifically for the subjects that correspond to this profile, with very different characteristics. In addition to the aforementioned movable and immovable property, it is therefore not ruled out that some financial institutions accept guarantees of a different type, to be considered at the time the application is presented.

How much is a loan without a paycheck and without guarantees?

We have said at the beginning that this type of loan is not the easiest to obtain for those looking for a personal loan. Please note that due to the lower diffusion compared to standard loans (designed for example for public or private employees), the actual cost of loans without payroll could be higher . For this reason, before the loan application is forwarded, it is always advisable to compare the loans, without neglecting the online loan market, able to offer advantageous and completely comparable products compared to those offered offline as regards the security and characteristics of the loans . personal loan.
In this sense, a personal online loan comparator is the recommended tool to quickly identify the product that most closely matches your credit needs, without having to enter the required data several times or having to visit many banks and financial websites .


Personal Loans Without Demonstrating Income

Is it possible to obtain a personal loan in the absence of income ? If so, what do you need to do to access it without difficulty? Let’s find out with the help of this guide.

Personal loans? Even without income

Image result for Personal Loans Without Demonstrating IncomeBeing in possession of a paycheck is the simplest condition for accessing a personal loan. This does not mean, however, that in the absence of an income it is not possible to have a loan. We will not consider here those who do not have a paycheck but have a demonstrable income, such as self- employed workers or pensioners ; for more information on these two profiles of applicants, refer to the guide on loans without paychecks.
Instead, we return to talk about loans with no demonstrable income considering the profiles of the most common applicant (with the possibility of access to credit).

Protestants and bad payers : for persons reported to the central risks as profiles at risk of insolvency, obtaining a loan without income is possible, provided that we can present guarantees of different types. For this purpose, banks and financial institutions offer dedicated personal loans, such as those involving the presence of a guarantor or the signing of bills to guarantee the sums disbursed.

Students and unemployed : we share these two profiles because they have similar characteristics as regards the absence of a demonstrable income. Students and unemployed have the possibility to access loans without income and guarantees, usually thanks to agreements stipulated by local or state agencies. In many cases this type of loans fall into the category of fiduciary loans, although this type is not the only one accessible for these profiles of applicants.

Workers with payroll but indebted: in this case the presence of a paycheck is not very significant, as a further personal loan is usually judged as unsustainable by those who assess the practice of access to credit. In these cases it is possible to access the loans without income, usually proposed for figures that allow to understand in a single installment the payment of the loans previously stipulated (this is the so-called “debt consolidation”).

Loans without income: looking for alternative guarantees

Image result for Personal Loans Without Demonstrating IncomeOften those who do not hold a paycheck or a demonstrable income are led to think that their income situation does not allow to present guarantees . This is only partly true, because as a guarantee various goods can be presented, which allow access to personal loans designed specifically to meet the needs of those without a paycheck. One of the types of loans without income is that of loans with bills of exchange , usually offered to those who have a previous financial situation compromised. In the presence of real estate it is possible to provide as a guarantee the mortgage of the asset; in this case the specific product referred to is the mortgage loan, so called because of the presence of a mortgage.

What we have just described are just some of the possibilities of accessing personal loans without income and guarantees, but bear in mind that very often banks and financial institutions have set up special products, with very different characteristics. For this reason it is always recommended to carry out a thorough research (perhaps using an online comparator), to find the financial product that is right for you.

Personal loans without income: attention to costs

After describing how to borrow personal income without income, we consider a non-indifferent aspect in accessing credit, that is, the costs of personal loans. In fact, it is not rare for loans without guarantees and paychecks to be charged higher than comparable products for employees or those with demonstrable income. Refer to the guide on the site for details on the valuation of interest rates of a loan. Here, however, we remind you that the simplest parameter to consider in order to evaluate the convenience of a loan is the APR interest rate, which makes it possible to understand the actual costs applied to the personal loan.

It should be noted that very often loans without paychecks , without guarantees or intended for specific categories of applicants, such as bad payers or protestors, have a higher APR than a secured loan. However, even in these cases the differences between the conditions applied between a product and the other can be considerable, so it is always advisable to evaluate two or more different products before signing a personal loan without income (but a similar argument applies to all personal loans).

Low-interest Personal Loans (with lower installment interests!)

When evaluating the convenience of a personal loan, one of the key aspects to be taken into consideration is the amount of interest . The greater the percentage expressed by the interest, the greater will be the additional amount that must be returned during the repayment of the loan.

Loans at low rates: pay attention to TAN and TAEG

Usually the interests related to a personal loan are expressed through two different percentage parameters, the TAN and the APR . Let’s find out what are the differences between the two to really understand what are the loans with the lowest interests.

The nominal annual rate TAN

When a personal loan refers to the TAN, we are talking about a nominal annual rate . This is the interest rate that is calculated annually on the amount paid for the personal loan. Be careful though because the TAN does not really correspond to the interest rate that will be calculated on the loan, as it does not include any costs other than the pure interest amount.

What is TAEG?

The APR, whose acronym stands for annual percentage rate, is the interest rate that most allows to understand the real cost of the personal loan that you are about to underwrite.
The indication of the APR is fundamental because it allows to understand the cost of the loan and it is the interest rate to consider in the evaluation of the most advantageous personal loans.

We have dedicated a specific guide to the calculation of interest, to which we refer to have all the details on definitions and methods for calculating interest rates.

How to find the loan with the lowest interests?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, to find the loan with the lowest interest, it is necessary to refer to the APR . Keep in mind that this rate of interest usually has a higher value than the TAN. The most appropriate tool to find the loan with the best rate is the comparison between as many personal loans as possible. If you have a minimum amount of time to invest in the search for the loan, it is recommended to compare among them the largest number of individuals providing personal loans. Online research is certainly the fastest way to view the largest number of loans possible. However, visiting the various banks and financial websites could be time consuming.

Very useful from this point of view is the use of an online loan comparator , which allows you to identify the personal loan with the lowest interests among the products that correspond to the needs of those who take out the loan itself.

Attention to loans dedicated to particular profiles

An aspect to be taken into account when comparing personal loans concerns the characteristics of the applicant . In fact it is quite common that personal loans targeted to specific profiles, for example, protests and bad payers, have an interest rate higher than a standard loan. However, these loans often represent the simplest solution for this type of applicants, who may find it difficult to access a personal loan not designed for a specific type of applicant.

What are subsidized loans?

A particular type of personal loans with low interest is represented by subsidized loans . This type of personal loan does not differ substantially from a traditional loan. What differentiates it however is the application of a lower interest rate , which for this reason is called subsidized, compared to that applied to a similar product. A typical case of facilitated personal loans is that reserved for students for university or school expenses in general, where the rate applied is lower because it was designed for a specific purpose. Often these types of loans are guaranteed by third-party institutions, as is the case with personal loans for unemployed , pensioners or other categories, often funded by specially created funds. Access to personal loans is governed by rules that vary depending on the loan. In this case it is therefore necessary to refer to the communications of the institution or of the bank that offers the loan itself to know in detail the specific characteristics.