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We find out what fiduciary loans are and to whom they turn, a type of personal loan available both online and offline and offered by a large number of lenders.

What is a fiduciary loan?

Image result for fiduciary loanLoan loans are a type of loan belonging to the category of non-finalized personal loans, not intended for the purchase of a specific good or service. The name of a fiduciary loan derives from the fact that no material guarantees are required for the granting of the loan; the loan is then disbursed on trust, that is, assuming that the subject is able and willing to repay what has been received by way of a loan. In theory, nothing prevents a financial institution or a bank from granting a fiduciary loan even to bad paying and protestors ; however, this eventuality is rather rare, since in the assessment of the person requesting the loan, the impossibility of coping with the financial commitments taken also demonstrated in the past represents an obstacle to the granting of trust that distinguishes this type of loan.

The characteristics of the fiduciary loan

With regard to specific characteristics, a fiduciary loan is no different from most personal loans for amounts disbursed and repayment period . In addition to the documentation attesting the identity, it is often required to present a document that demonstrates the possibility of coping with the loan to be contracted, even if this is not true for all fiduciary loans.

A fiduciary loan is compatible with the presence of other loans , loans or mortgages, provided that the indebtedness of the subject allows to meet the additional cost represented by the new loan. It should be noted that in principle a loan is considered sustainable if it does not affect more than one fifth of the average income of the subject, even if this proportion is subject to different types of assessments, such as the presence of additional loans, to fixed costs to be sustained periodically and to the variability of the average income received.

An example of a fiduciary loan: student loans

Image result for fiduciary loanA specific type of fiduciary loans is related to certain categories of people, such as students . In this case, the student can hardly produce the documentation to demonstrate the perception of a stable income , a factor that distinguishes the most requested guarantee for personal loans online or offline. In the case of students, loans dedicated to the needs of those who study are provided even in the absence of specific guarantees, usually thanks to the support of bodies or foundations that assume the indirect role of guarantor for this particular type of subjects.

However, students are not the only recipients of fiduciary loans, which can be granted for example to unemployed, retired or aspiring entrepreneurs, with different characteristics depending on the specific personal loan. Very common is the creation of fiduciary loans by local entities and entities, which through a loan want to support a specific request, as for example it could be done for the redevelopment of disadvantaged areas through the creation of new entrepreneurial realities.


Personal Loan with Guarantor

Often those who do not have a paycheck or a demonstrable fixed income , such as a pension, could be required to apply for a personal loan guarantee from banks and financial institutions. Let’s find out what is meant by this term and how personal loans work with guarantor.

Who is the guarantor

Image result for guarantorIn the specific case of personal loans with guarantor, this figure is represented by a person who takes over the loan in the event that the applicant does not have the possibility to meet the commitment undertaken. The characteristics of this figure may vary depending on the requirements specifically requested by personal loans with guarantor, but it is usually required that it has a demonstrable fixed income and a financial profile deemed reliable, ie that it is not, for example, reported to the central risks such as bad payer or protested.

The role of guarantor in online or traditional personal loans can be taken by anyone, without the necessity of a degree of kinship with those who request the loan. Very often the guarantor is in any case a relative or a cohabitant of the applicant, even if in fact nothing forbids to exercise the role of guarantor in the loans even to those who have no family relationship.

When the guarantor intervenes on personal loans

Please note that the guarantor is bound to the loan, but that his intervention is required only in exceptional cases, for example if the person who has taken out the loan is unable to pay one or more installments of the loan or if a situation occurs permanently compromises the possibility of coping with personal loans.
If the person requesting the loan does not have a stable income or in any case its ability to meet the expected installments is unlikely, it is possible that the financial institution or the bank suggests that it is the guarantor to apply for the loan directly. In this case, particular attention must be paid to the effective repayment capacity of the loan by the guarantor.

As regards the signing of the loan, it is required that the guarantor present the documentation , which is normally composed of identity documents and documents that certify the income , such as payroll, pension slips or the Unico model for self-employed workers.

Costs and characteristics of personal loans with guarantor

Image result for guarantorA personal loan with online or offline guarantor does not have very different characteristics compared to a loan without a guarantor . However, the panorama of personal loans is so varied that it is very difficult to determine what the common characteristics of these loans are. However, it should be noted that loans with guarantors usually have lower costs than those issued to specific categories of applicants, such as protestors or bad payers .
Also for this type of loans the most significant parameter to be assessed when choosing the loan is the interest rate APR , which allows to understand the actual cost of the loan.

Before choosing a personal loan with guarantor, we recommend comparing more personal loans to each other, devoting some time to this operation. From this point of view, an online loan comparator can be very useful, as it allows you to compare different products with each other, entering the required data only once and without having to visit multiple websites. Furthermore, the comparison of loans with guarantors made online could present products of brands other than those best known in the credit sector, but no less convenient or reliable.


Mortgage Personal Loan (Building Warranty): Find out more!

In this guide we will deal with the personal mortgage loan , a type of loan with specific and particular features that differentiate it from other types of personal loans. Let’s find out what a mortgage loan is, what its characteristics are and how to apply for this type of loan.

What is a personal mortgage loan?

The personal mortgage loan is a loan that provides for the signing of a mortgage to guarantee the repayment of the loan.

In principle, all valuable assets can be used for the mortgage, but the most common asset from this point of view is a property , with the property owned as a common asset. However, any type of property, movable or immovable, provided it is of adequate value, may be mortgaged as collateral , including luxury goods such as jewelery, antiques or works of art.

Very often this loan is compared to a mortgage , with which it shares the presence of a mortgage, even if its characteristics make it in effect a type of personal loan.

The characteristics of mortgage loans

What most distinguishes mortgage loans on the house or on other assets is the amount that can be requested as a loan, which can also reach raised figures in the presence of a high value asset.

The duration of the loan is also proportional to the value of the asset given as collateral and to the size of the loan; bear in mind that personal loans with a home as a guarantee (or other valuable assets) usually last longer than average personal loans.

The specific characteristics of personal loans with mortgages vary, however, depending on the subject who provides the loan and may therefore differ significantly. For this reason it is always advised to choose after comparing more similar products. Please note that there are also online mortgage loans, which can be requested without the need to go to the banking and financial offices.

Value and convenience of a mortgage loan on the home

We have previously said that mortgage loans can take on even high values, depending on mortgaged assets. Before choosing a personal mortgage loan, it is advised to carefully evaluate your insolvency risk and make sure that the mortgage asset has a value comparable to the amount you receive as a personal loan.

For the mortgage loan, as for all personal loans, it is always advisable to stipulate an installment lower than your payment options, in order to be able to repay the loan even in the event of a reduction in your income.

How to get a personal loan with a mortgage: the necessary documents

A personal loan with a mortgage does not differ from a standard loan as regards the documentation to be submitted. As a rule, the applicant’s identification documents , a document attesting the income (such as a pay slip, the pension slip or a single form) and a document certifying the actual residence are in fact required.

The only exception for this type of personal loan is the need to provide the bank or the financial company with documentation certifying possession of the asset offered as collateral. The property of the property must be 100%; otherwise it is also necessary that the mortgage authorization also be presented by the person or persons who hold the remaining shares of the asset in question.

Finally, it should be noted that the assessment of the practice for a personal mortgage loan could take longer than those required for a common loan, especially as a function of the time of evaluation of the asset proposed by the applicant as a mortgage.


Personal Loan More Affordable ┬╗Which is the Most Advantageous?

Anyone looking for a personal loan wants this to be as convenient as possible. How to find the cheapest personal loan available? This guide will help you evaluate the economic aspects of a loan.

Interest rates for a personal loan

Image result for Personal Loan More AffordableThe first aspect that needs to be assessed to find the cheapest personal loan is the applied interest rate . It should be noted that all personal loans see the indication of two different interest rates, the TAN and the APR.

What is TAN?

The interest rate indicated as TAN is the nominal annual rate , ie the interest rate applied to the personal loan during the calendar year. This rate does not correspond exactly to the interest rate actually applied to the loan, as in many cases the interest calculation takes place on a monthly and not annual basis.

What is TAEG?

The APR, ie the annual percentage rate of charge, is the interest rate that most closely reflects the actual cost of the personal loan, even if it is not used in the calculation of interest due. More than a real interest rate, it would be appropriate to consider the APR as an indicator that considers the real cost of the loan, therefore very useful for identifying the most advantageous personal loans. As explained above, usually the APR has a higher percentage value with respect to TAN, with a difference that varies depending on the amount paid and the repayment of the loan period. For more information on interest rates and the calculation of the interests of a personal loan, refer to the dedicated guide on the site.

The costs to be incurred for the personal loan

However, the interest rate is not the only aspect to consider in order to know which loan is cheaper. In fact, to find the most convenient personal loans, the expenses necessary for the opening and management of the loan, such as preliminary costs, initial expenses and periodic expenses, are also of considerable importance. Even if these items may appear to be negligible, please note that in some cases, especially if the amount of the personal loan is not high, they can significantly affect the amount to be repaid. The same applies to the collection of the monthly payment.

These items of expenditure are not applied uniformly by all banks and financial companies that issue personal loans. For this reason, prior to the signing of a loan it would be advisable to evaluate these aspects, which are not always explicit in the offer. Moreover, these items of expenditure are often subject to promotions on personal loans, for example with the cancellation of the costs of preliminary investigation.

The cost of insurance on the loan

Although it is an optional expense, to consider the most convenient personal loan it is good to consider also the cost of the insurance that is usually offered together with the loan. Insurance costs are usually proportional to the amount provided with the loan, but may vary considerably depending on who issues the insurance. Even if an additional insurance product represents an additional cost in repaying the loan, it is good to consider the proposed offer, as in many cases a personal loan insurance could be useful (for example, it is not possible to payment of installments).

The parameters listed above demonstrate once again the comparison between different products, both traditional and online, and the most effective way to find the personal loan that is more convenient. For this purpose it is very useful to use a personal loan comparator, an online tool that allows to evaluate the parameters described for different products, without the need to go to several banks or financial institutions and without the burden of having to enter several times. the data requested on the websites of the different realities that provide loans. Finally, keep in mind that the best personal loan does not exist in absolute terms , but there is the best loan for the needs of each applicant.


Personal Loans Promotions: Guide for Best Online Offers!

What are the best offers on personal loans available on the market and which ones are most often offered? Is it possible to get the most convenient loan for your specific needs? Let’s find out with the help of this guide.

Promotions on personal loans: which are the most widespread?

Image result for Personal Loans PromotionsEven personal loans , as a common object that must be offered to customers, are subject to periodic offers, which can be advantageous for those who need a loan. Offers usually concern specific aspects of personal loans. Let’s see what are the most common emerged from our research on loans offered by various financial entities.

Preliminary investigations costs : many individuals who provide personal loans offer the possibility of canceling loan preparation costs or offer them at reduced rates compared to those normally applied. The offers in this case are periodic, ie subject to time limits, but there is no shortage of financial and banks that offer reduced expenses on all products and without time limitations.

Optional insurance : another aspect that characterizes the best offers of personal loans is the possibility to take advantage of a free insurance or offer at promotional prices. Recall that the insurance (such as the one on the unpredictable events that protects those receiving the loan from the impossibility to meet the subscribed installments) is optional, but in many cases could prove beneficial for the customer.

Amount of the installment: one of the promotions on loans that we have identified is the possibility for the customer to establish the amount of the monthly payment. Please note that this is normally identified by the financial institution or the bank on the basis of the amount financed and the duration of repayment of the loan and can not be changed by the client.

Maximum amount that can be financed: another determining factor for evaluating the best offers on personal loans is the maximum amount obtainable from the loan itself. This varies from financial to financial; however, there are periodic promotions that allow you to obtain a personal loan of very high amount, even if it is good to specify that offers with high amounts (for example up to 30,000 euros) are quite limited.
Online offers: among the best offers of personal loans we found the presence of offers dedicated exclusively to those who complete the request for online financing. The network market in fact often offers dedicated promotions, not obtainable by addressing traditional channels.

How to receive the best personalized offer on personal loans

In order to identify the personal loans on offer, we recommend that you carefully consider the parameters listed above. In addition, an always valid advice is to compare the various offers, perhaps using an online personal loan comparator, a very useful tool in this regard. As for the details of the specific aspects to be evaluated in the comparison, refer to the specific guide on the site; however, we specify immediately that to obtain the most suitable offer for your needs it is good to provide detailed and correct information about your profile, such as those related to the profession and the amounts you want to get.

In this regard, please note that the personal loan does not require that the purpose for which the money will be used be specified, as the loan is a non-finalized form of financing, ie not intended for a specific purpose. However some financial still require the motivation that drives you to apply for a loan. Providing this information in many cases is tantamount to facilitating the evaluation of the personal loan application, and to obtain an often advantageous personalized offer.