Ariadne Labs and CaroNova unite 18 health systems to develop tools to accelerate hospitalization at home

BOSTON, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ariadne Labs, in collaboration with CaroNovaa healthcare innovation incubator for the Carolinas, recently concluded the first phase of the Home Hospital Early Adopters Accelerator to help health care systems further develop their own hospital-at-home programs. Through this 40-week program, a total of 91 representatives from 18 healthcare systems in the United States and South Africa joined in an agile merged network to rapidly design 20 tools to support successful hospital-at-home programs.

In November 2020the Medicaid and Medicare Service Centers expanded its Hospital Without Walls initiative to include the waiver of acute hospital care at home. Since then, many hospitals and health systems across United States have worked to expand their services to treat critically ill patients at home. Hospital-at-home programs have been shown to have many advantagesincluding lower costs and readmission rates, but successfully developing and launching these programs can be challenging.

With the pro bono support of Scrum inc., accelerator participants used the Scrum agile project management framework to collaborate, design, and develop the tools needed to address the common needs and challenges that early adopters face when implementing new software programs. home hospitals. Tools developed include criteria for identifying patients eligible for hospital home services, workflows for admissions, IV medications and escalation, and solutions for software, food services and oxygen utilization , among others. The health systems involved in the accelerator will now apply these tools to their own efforts to create or expand their hospital-at-home program.

The accelerator was led by David LevinMD, MPH, general internist and researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, associate professor at Ariadne Labs and an internationally recognized leader in the field of home care. He leads the Ariadne’s Home Hospital initiative, which seeks to generate and disseminate the evidence to provide advanced care at home so that patients can stay at home, regardless of their health conditions.

“Studies have shown that hospital care at home results in fewer readmissions, a better experience and improved physical activity for patients, not to mention creating capacity for overburdened hospitals,” Levine said. “With the tools the Accelerator has developed over the past 40 weeks, I am thrilled to see these nimble institutions delivering acute home care with precision.”

“Through participation in the accelerator, hospitals and health systems in the Carolinas are now better equipped to launch their hospital-at-home programs,” said Jai Kumar, MPH, Senior Director of Program Design at CaroNova. “I look forward to seeing the incredible progress made over these 40 weeks translate into improved care for patients in our region.”

Hospitals and health systems participating in the accelerator include:

About Ariane Labs:

Ariadne Labs is a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. With a mission to save lives and reduce suffering, our vision is that healthcare systems equitably deliver the best possible care to every patient, everywhere and at all times. We use human-centered design, health systems implementation science, public health expertise and frontline clinical care experience to design, test and deliver scalable solutions at the systems to some of the biggest problems in healthcare. From developing checklists and conversation guides to promoting international collaborations and setting global measurement standards, our work has been viewed in more than 165 countries, touching hundreds of millions of lives.

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About CaroNova:

CaroNova is a bi-state team created through a partnership between The Duke Endowment, the North Carolina Healthcare Association and the South Carolina Hospital Association. CaroNova engages with key stakeholders to bring about positive health change in the North and Caroline from the south. Acting as a connector of people and ideas for both states, CaroNova addresses common needs by supporting promising new practices and developing business models to scale and sustain what works for systemic change. The name CaroNova translates to the creation of a new vision (Nova) of health for the Carolinas (Caro). Please visit to learn more.

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