Best Greek Mythology Movies, Ranked

Greek mythology is the perfect starting point for a successful Hollywood movie. The stories have been around for centuries and contain all the elements of drama, violence, romance and fantasy that are the perfect recipe for an exciting success story. It’s no surprise, then, that stories have been incorporated into Hollywood films on a regular basis throughout the history of cinema.

Greek mythology is vast and features flawed characters, including the gods themselves. The realm of the possible extends into this universe; the politics and its characters are fascinating and, more importantly, change with each story. Here are the best Greek mythology movies, ranked.

8 Franchise Percy Jackson

The Percy Jackson franchise was a big hit at the box office, with The Lightning Thief grossing $226.4 million and sea ​​of ​​monsters grossing just under $200 million. The films star Logan Lerman, Jake Abel, Brandon T. Jackson and Alexandra Daddario. Lerman plays the titular Percy Jackson, a demigod who trains in a camp with other demigods. The series is inspired by the Greek gods, and although they were extremely popular at the box office, they were less successful with fans who disagree with the way the films deviate from the books. . Based on Rick Riordan’s YA novel series of the same name, Percy Jackson was a great entry point into Greek mythology for younger audiences.

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seven Immortals

Immortals stars Superman actor Henry Cavill as Theseus, a Greek character tasked with stopping King Hyperion from obtaining the long-lost Bow of Epirus and immortalizing the gods on Mount Olympus. The film is intense in visual effects and features epic battle scenes and compelling heroes. Immortals didn’t get the best reviews, but it’s visually impressive and still looks that way today.

6 Iphigenia

Iphigenia was directed by Michael Cacoyannis and is heavily based on Greek mythology. The film is based on the stage play of the same name, following the main character, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra (the sister of Helen of Troy) as she questions life, duty and faith with those around him. The story is very character-driven and delves deep into the mindset of the characters more than other films dealing with Greek mythology.

5 Hercules (Disney)

Hercules came out in 1997 and told the classic story of Hercules with a twist of Disney animation. Hercules learns what it means to be a god, proving himself to his father, Zeus, alongside his sidekick, Philoctetes. The story is humorous and full of Greek mythological cameos, which makes it appealing to parents and children alike. The animation style and storytelling are different from other Disney animated films, and it still looks fresh when watched today.

4 Jason and the agronauts

Jason and the agronauts became a cult classic and one of the most famous Greek mythology movies, even though it didn’t do terribly well at the box office. The film featured stop-motion animation, which was very progressive at the time of its 1963 release, and follows Jason on his quest to find the Golden Fleece. It’s thrilling and full of adventure, and remains a classic that’s loved today.

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3 Troy

Troy is an important film associated with Greek mythology which sees Brad Pitt playing the role of Achilles and Wolfgang Peterson the director of the story. The film depicts the Battle of Troy as King Agamemnon controls most of the Greek kingdoms. He learns that his brother’s wife has been kidnapped and is having an affair, and uses her as ammunition to incite war and take over the Aegean. Troy is famous for its strong visuals and epic battle scenes – especially the opening fight scene – and is well worth watching.

2 300

300 is another film that received huge acclaim upon its release, becoming a huge hit at the box office as well as with critics. The story is based on the Battle of Thermopylae and follows King Leonidas (played by Gerard Butler) as he leads Spartan warriors against the Persian army. The film is full of excitement and gore and features spectacular visual effects.

1 Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans was released in 1981 and follows the Greek warrior Perseus. The story follows as he continues his quest for fate to defeat the satyr Calibos and save his future wife. Perseus encounters many creatures along the way, with visual effects that have nothing to do with what has been released before. The film is still enjoyable today and is one of the best depictions of Greek mythology on screen.

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