‘Cursed Child’ and 3 other theatrical ideas

The stranger things the universe expands, crossing not only dimensions but also mediums. According to a recent announcement in Variety, the Duffer Brothers are developing both a spin-off series and a play “set in the world and mythology” of Strange things.

what is a stranger things play look like? No additional details were provided, so here are some ideas inspired by classic works of theatre. You’re welcome, Duffers.

4. A Chekhov Take

Is the world of Stranger Things ready for Russian realism?netflix

stranger things pushed the tenuous Cold War relations of the 1980s, but we only saw the American perspective. What if the play tackled the Russian side of things like the master of Russian theatre, Anton Chekhov?

Unlike the non-stop action of the Netflix series, Chekhov’s style is more conversation-based, which is more suited to the stage format the play will face, where the special effects won’t be as easy to pull off. .

3. Mr. Burns, a post-electric piece

The strange scenography by Neil Patel for Mr. Burns, a post-electric play. Walter McBride/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If unimpressive practical effects are an asset to a room’s charm, not a liability, an approach similar to Anne Washburn’s Mr. Burns: a post-electric piece will be perfect. This dystopian play follows the world after an apocalypse, where traveling troupes of actors stage versions of episodes of The simpsons.

Since this upcoming play is set in the same “mythology” of stranger thingsperhaps it will be set in the distant future, chronicling the efforts of the Hawkins gang as mythological heroes.

2. The Jail Game

Prison plays a huge role in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Could it be the decor of the room?netflix

One of the constraints of a room is a restricted frame. Whereas stranger things 4 took place across continents, it’s harder to switch convincingly between distant locations on a stage. While a high-profile play will likely push the boundaries of directing, a single set would make things a little easier, like the prison Hopper ended up in.

Given the recent trend of plays exploring incarceration and the justice system, it would be timely and easy to produce, while expanding some of the stranger things world that we have not seen enough.

1. cursed child

Harry Potter went from fantasy to play. Maybe stranger things can do the same. DANIEL LEAL/AFP/Getty Images

When it comes to franchises doing big stage adaptations, there’s huge precedent: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the massively successful theatrical sequel to the Harry Potter series. Not only does it carry on the spirit of the original story, but it incorporates some truly impressive sets and special effects that stranger things could rely on.

With the vague explanation of “into the world of mythology” from strange things, it could be any of these possibilities. All we ask of Reverse are modest royalties.

stranger things is now streaming on Netflix.

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