Dahan Trailer: The Tisca Chopra-Saurabh Shukla Show Is A Mythological And Paranormal Concoction

Myths and horror can be a pretty deadly combination, and Disney+ Hotstar Dahan’s latest thriller – Raakan ka Rahasya should play down the same lane. On Tuesday, the trailer for Tisca Chopra star Saurabh Shukla dropped and left audiences intrigued. Directed by Vikranth Pawar, the nine-episode series will open the doors to a horror future with a mining expedition kicking off in the village.

The trailer opens with a bloody event as someone attempts to enter the depths of a cave. Back to the present where an IAS officer (Tisca Chopra) is given the task of starting a mining job that leads her to the same “cursed mine”. Even with villagers and gods warning her of the outcome, she forges ahead, opening Pandora’s box of horrific happenings around her. As she battles an age-old superstition, mysterious murders and disappearances add to her woes. The nine-episode series was filmed in Rajasthan and will tell the story of cursed caves, hidden treasures and generational secrets.

Speaking about her latest project, Tisca Chopra shared that she loved how Dahan captured the raw fear as each character faces their own demons. “My character Avani Raut fights personal and professional battles when caught between the crossfire of superstition and the supernatural, and the practicality of the other. The show puts her on a quest drawing parallels between its external and internal fears, which we all face,” she said in a statement.

Saurabh Shukla said that Dahan as a show meticulously brings together a tale of myths, legends and superstitions. He said: “Playing Pramukh puts me in the eye of the strong beliefs surrounding the village and its people. One thing that sets this character apart is that he’s afraid of what he worships, but he’s too afraid to break the chain.

Director Vikranth Pawar added that they decided to create a show where the audience discovers how mythical and supernatural elements can combine to create fear in people’s minds.

Dahan is written by Nisarg Mehta, Shiva Bajpai and Nikhil Nair and funded by Banijay Asia, Deepak Dhar and Rishi Negi. Starting September 16, it will stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

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