Mannheim Township School Board Considers Comprehensive Plan, Goal List and New Policies | Community News

When: Work meeting of the school board of the canton of Manheim, on August 11th. Board members Janet Carroll and Kim Romano were absent.

What happened: Jaclyn Dudzic, Health Services Supervisor, reviewed the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan, as required by the American Rescue Plan Act and the Emergency Relief Fund for elementary and secondary schools. The first article states that wearing a mask continues to be welcome and optional for students and staff when participating in school activities. To see the full list, head to the August 11 agenda on

new school year: Superintendent Robin Felty presented her 2022-2023 goals to improve student education, based on five standards: student growth and success, organizational leadership, district operations and financial management, communication and community relations, and human resource management. To read the full document, visit the district’s website.

Complete planning: Felty also presented the EDP’s overall Future Ready planning for the district for 2022-23 and 2024-25, beginning with 10 points summarizing key priorities for K-12, including “Increase competence on assessments reading and math scores from the Pennsylvania School Assessment System, particularly for various demographic groups. Three stages of goals and actions follow, culminating in the next steps. “We’re halfway there,” Felty said. Board member Nikki Rivera commended the committee made up of members from all nine school buildings for developing the plan, which will be posted on the district’s website after approval.

Planetarium Upgrade: Science teacher Dave Farina discussed the planetarium’s importance to education in the district and asked the board to allow Leer Electric to upgrade the 15-year-old high school’s planetarium, which is “beyond its expected useful life”, for $233,382. “Kids ask amazing questions,” Farina said. “We want to give them incredible answers.”

Performance Matters: Sharon Schaefer, director of curriculum and instruction, asked the board to approve the one-time $19,700 purchase of student assessment software that provides K-12 schools “a holistic view pedagogical gaps to support better student outcomes”.

Strategies: Felty asked the board to approve new policies on non-resident student eligibility, student discipline, student expression/dissemination of material, controlled substances/apparel, military leave for staff and employees and non-school organizations/groups/individuals. Details are on the site.

And after: The board will vote on the demands at its August 18 action meeting.

Fall Kickoff and Literacy Festival: “Reading with the Blue Streaks,” featuring athletic, music and fall performance teams, will be held at the high school stadium, 100 Blue Streak Blvd., from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on August 17. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise, the family, food and fun reading festival will include a petting zoo with musical instruments, face paint and free pretzels. For more information, email ShaiQuana Mitchell at [email protected]

Salary increase: At a special meeting on July 21, the board agreed to amend a February 2020 agreement with Brightbill Transportation to increase the cost per vehicle resulting from increased pay rates for drivers and helpers, with 72 drivers from passenger buses earning a minimum of $25 per hour; nine van drivers, $20 per hour; sports and travel bus drivers, $20 per hour; and bus helpers, $17 per hour. Minimum annual costs for buses, based on 180 days, are $279 per day for vans with nine or fewer passengers and $342 per day for buses with a capacity of 36 to 72 passengers. Matt Gillis, director of transport, announced that thanks to much-needed new drivers, drivers will not be making double trips this year.

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