Personal Loans For University Students

Among the personal loans dedicated to young people there is a specific type designed exclusively for students , university or less. Let’s see what this type of loan consists of, the amounts obtainable and for which purposes personal loans are designed.

Personal loans for students and university students: the requirements

There are many types of personal loans reserved for students; among these a specific sub-category is the one that sees the loans reserved for university students. Regardless of the type of loan or school attended, however, it is always required that the child is able to demonstrate the registration in order to the school itself.

There are no restrictions on the location of the school, provided that the student is able to demonstrate their regular presence on the national territory. In fact, personal loans for students can be requested for the most different reasons, including the possibility of attending a school located abroad .

Student loans are also aimed at foreign students attending in Italy. In this case, however, in addition to the scholastic documentation, it is necessary that the student proves to be able to stay in Italy, for example with the presentation of a residence permit or a study permit for non-EU citizens.

The characteristics of student loans

The main characteristic that distinguishes a personal loan for study purposes is usually the entity of the same. In fact, in most cases this type of loan has been designed to cope with expenses such as the purchase of study materials, textbooks or tuition fees . In this case the loan that can be requested does not exceed a few thousand euros, even if in the case of university masters the amount that can be requested can be much higher.

Since these are personal loans and not finalized loans, the motivation for the loan application itself is not binding, but only indicative for the expenses to be faced. The duration of the loan and the repayment period varies according to the product chosen; however, a characteristic common to student loans is usually the low amount of the installments provided for in the amortization plan , which consequently prolong the repayment period, especially in the case of high amounts.

This type of loan does not require very stringent guarantees , even if sometimes, especially for major bad credit loans, some form of guarantee may be required, such as the presence of a paycheck or a subject that lends itself as guarantor (typically one of the parents) .

Who to apply for a student loan?

Student loans are a type of financing that unites them to personal loans . For this reason they can be requested from financial or credit institutions that offer dedicated products.

However, in addition to these subjects, sometimes even the same universities or local authorities periodically present loans dedicated to students of every order, dedicated to university students or designed for those who want to attend a master’s degree or a specialization course in general.

In addition to considering this type of offers, it is important to carefully evaluate the loan landscape using an online comparator , the best tool to find the loan that best matches your needs, considering both traditional offers and online loans for students.

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