The Sea Between – Camden Fringe, The Cockpit

Screenwriter: Demi Leigh

Director: Vittorio Parri

Ginny bears a strong resemblance to her Greek mythology namesake Iphigenia. Her life seems destined for another great tragedy, still waiting for the waves of reality to crash down on her and wash away any semblance of happiness she might have. But when she meets Mike, successful, charming and a gentleman, she allows herself to escape – in love with the idea of ​​the life they could build together, praying that they can solve all the problems and live a happy for all time.

Writer and performer Demi Leigh creates an interesting story of love, betrayal and heartbreak, weaving inspiration from Greek mythology into a modern tapestry. This combination works for the most part, but it would be great to see the narrative pushed further to combine the two writing styles even more and really merge the thematic boundaries. As it stands, the performance is a slow burner, working its way to the finale, which is full of heightened drama.

While neither Matthew Kay (Mike) nor Demi Leigh (Ginny) falters on stage, the chemistry is somewhat lacking between them, making it difficult to bond between the characters and fully immerse yourself in their story. The narrative begins with Ginny and Mike meeting at a house party, before immediately transporting you to them moving in together, where the plot becomes fairly stagnant until the finale. It would work really well if there could be more development of their relationship to give the audience time to invest in where the characters end up. Both actors are at their best as they approach the suspenseful ending, allowing the tension to build with each of the well-paced reveals.

Overall, while not a tidal wave of brilliance, there are still splashes of intrigue and tension that, if explored further, could lead to a truly unique production.

Reviewed on August 11, 2022

The Camden Fringe runs from August 1-28, 2022

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