The Undefeated One-Shot Comic Comes Ahead Of The MCU Sequel

The one-shot arrives November 9, just days before “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” hits theaters.

To dig deeper into Wakandan mythology, this fall Marvel is releasing a new one-shot comic, Black Panther: Undefeated #1 in addition to John Ridley and German Peraltais running on Black Panther and the next Wakanda limited series. The one shot is written by Bryan Edward Hill who has already worked on the famous hitman limited series and is drawn by the artist Miles Morales: Spider-Man celebrity Alberto Foche. Hill’s engaging new story will serve as an entry point for Black Panther mythology for new and old readers. The comic will see the emergence of a threat deeply rooted in Wakanda’s history and to fight it, the Black Panther will have to learn new secrets about Wakanda’s past and also unlock a new connection with Bast, the Panther god.


Arrive a few days before the MCUs Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters, the one-shot appears to line up with Ryan Cooglerplans to explore the kingdom of Wakanda and its mythology in the latest installment. The trailer released during San Diego Comic-con shows us that the kingdom of Wakanda is mourning the loss of T’Challa and also that a new Black Panther is on the horizon. Additionally, the MCU Phase 4 established the idea of ​​various pantheons of gods existing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with titles like moon knight series and Taika Waititiit is Thor: Love and Thunder in which the former name dropped Black Panther’s ancestral plane and the other showed Bast in a blink and you’ll miss it.

Given that the one-shot comic delves into Wakanda’s past and reveals unknown secrets and also sees the Black Panther explore his connection to Bast, fans are surely excited ahead of the movie’s release. Scribe Hill said of the comic: “Black Panther and Wakanda mean so much to people. It’s an honor to contribute my imagination to this character’s legacy. I’m so grateful to only be able to do projects comic books that mean something to me personally, and going back to Marvel for that certainly does.

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Hill went on to add:

“I hope this resonates with longtime fans of the character while bringing new readers into her world. Shall I say it? Why not. Wakanda Forever! Just imagine me coming across arms !”

You can see T’Challa facing a challenge like no other Wakanda has seen before like Black Panther: Undefeated #1 hits the pits on November 9. In the meantime, check out the new comic book cover below:

Check out the trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which hits theaters on November 11.

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