Top 5 gambling myths exposed

The game has evolved over the centuries; today it is the backdrop for many technological advances. Along with the changes that have taken place in the game and their transition online, the number of myths and artificial “facts” has also increased exponentially.

This is completely understandable because the more popular the activity, the more people talk about it and the more often specific theories arise, which are usually far from reality.

Myth 1. In online casinos it is impossible to withdraw winnings

Those who have never played often make such a claim, but it is just another absurd myth. Like any other lucrative business, famous online casinos like Rajbet, Leovegas or PureWin benefit more from loyal customers. Of course, it is impossible to keep players without giving them the money earned.

However, even if the online casinos wanted to take the winnings, they would fail because all of their bets entered an online system that records every deposit, bet and winning amount. It interacts directly with the programs of the regulatory authorities, which will react to the first suspicion of fraud.

Myth 2. Online casinos promote gambling addiction

Psychological dependence is associated with a large number of social activities. And gambling addiction is no exception.

But, in fact, the number of problem gamblers among legal gambling operators is only a few percent, and among the population of different countries, the number of people with gambling addiction is estimated at 1-2%.

Any customer of the legal online casino can also seek help from its representatives, register their name in the register of persons with limited access to gambling and request information about institutions specializing in the treatment of gambling addiction.

Myth 3. Slots are easier to win at certain times of the day

RNG, which manage slots, has no idea what time it is. Online slot machines are open 24 hours a day; they don’t care when the money comes in or gives the winning combination. So don’t hesitate to play whenever you want, because you have the same chances of winning at noon and midnight, taking advantage of the best Indian online casinos.

Myth 4. You must somehow “correctly” press the buttons

This old myth is that pressing the button on the slot machine in a “special” way can increase your chances of winning. But, of course, this is complete nonsense with licensed slot machines and slot machines in online casinos. It’s hard to push “special” buttons on the internet, isn’t it?

However, after hearing this myth, many novice players stopped playing, believing that they couldn’t do anything in the game without special knowledge of the unique secrets.

Myth 5. More bets – more wins

Another living myth is the number of bets and the potential winnings. Some players think that if they place many small bets, the machines become more “favorable”. There is no objective reason to believe this myth.

Therefore, slot machines give spin results exclusively based on the random number generator. It is impossible to influence him in any way. You can check it by playing on popular platforms in India and licensed.

However, this myth keeps many players away from slot machines. They believe that the odds of winning are only if you constantly make many bets. And that takes money and patience.

Final remarks on myths

As you can see, most online casino myths revolve around counterfeit games or slot machines programmed to behave as if they had a mind of their own. Luckily, we are living in an opening period, which is good news for online slots players. Online casinos have transparent things like RTP, and statistics are easy to find.

This means players can know exactly what they are getting into. Follow licensed and regulated online casinos, and you can gamble with confidence knowing the entertainment is fair.

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