What to Expect for ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 – Cast, Plot and More

“Outer Banks” has been renewed for a third season. Here’s everything you need to know about its anticipated premiere, new cast members, plot teasers and more.

When will the new season be released?

Although Netflix renewed the popular teen show for another season in December 2021, Season 3 likely won’t be released until early 2023, as I previously reported. Considering that the first season of the show took around seven months to film and filming for the new season began in February, production likely won’t be finished until at least September.

Who is returning and who is new to the cast?

Fans will be happy to see key cast members return once more, like Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, and Rudy Pankow. According to Deadline, however, Season 3 will also add a few new characters to the mix. Andy McQueen (“Mrs. Davis,” “Station Eleven”), Fiona Palomo (“Control Z,” “La Negociadora”) and Lou Ferrigno Jr. (“SWAT,” “Stargirl”) will debut as Carlos, Sofia and Ryan in the upcoming season. Their character descriptions are as follows, according to What’s On Netflix:

  • Carlos Singh: “A Caribbean Don who is smart, refined and ruthless and a treasure hunter himself.”
  • Sofia: “Someone who identifies as a Pogue but secretly yearns to be part of the country club crowd. Sympathetic and rambling, she begins to form a close bond with Rafe.
  • Ryan: “Described as calm and composed but young and hungry, he is Singh’s main security guard and enforcer. He’s done enough work to keep a cool head, but he also knows what could happen if he fails.

What will be the plot?

As for the plot, things look set to intensify. Showrunner Josh Pate told Us Weekly that the show’s main characters will have even more problems to contend with as “…the treasure hunt will expand and the mythology around the treasure hunt will evolve and deepen.” We’re pretty excited about how this mythology is going to develop in Season 3. We’ve read a lot of books and we have some great takeaways,” as I’ve reported before.

Along with more adventures, Pate told Us Weekly to expect more relationships to blossom, saying, “That was the plan, kind of the character architecture to open up romances in season 3.”

Will there be a season 4?

Luckily for fans, Season 3 may not be the end of the Pogues’ journey, Netflix Life reported. The site shared a report from Small Screen, with a source close to the cast saying, “We’re finishing scripts for Seasons 3 and 4.”

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